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High Protein Snacks

Protein and your body

Proteins, at their lowest levels, are compounds of amino acids used by the body in tissue formation. Muscles are formed through the process of protein synthesis. Hence, protein is essential for muscle growth, repair and maintenance. All kinds of physical activity act to stress and damage muscles in different ways. This causes a natural breakdown of the muscle, referred to as catabolism. The subsequent repair of this muscle is anabolism, and is where the protein comes into the equation. By synthesizing protein, the body is able to repair this muscle and often results in muscle growth. Generally, when intake of protein is higher, and the body’s amount of synthesized protein is greater then the the amount lost during catabolism, muscle is developed.

If you didn’t fall into the muscle building category, you are probably wondering what the hell all this muscle growth talk has to do with you. That’s easy. If you are dieting or just want to be healthy, having more muscle generally burns more energy during daily tasks and exercise. Since fat loss really comes down to a simple energy in – energy out equation, muscle building is going to help your cause!

At 4 calories per gram, protein sits alongside carbohydrates in calorie density. However, when compared with carbohydrates protein will generally keep you fuller for longer, reducing appetite and often the amount of overall calories you consume. It is common belief that an excess consumption of protein is easily converted to fat. Well, of course… An excess consumption of anything is converted to fat – this is how your body stores energy.

So that’s your quick round up of protein and the role it plays in your body. But since this website is dedicated ot high protein snacks, it’s probably best we move onto to exactly that.

High Protein Snacks

high protein snacks

Why would you want high protein snacks? Almost all dieting, bodybuilding and healthy eating guides are moving towards higher numbers of smaller meals per day as opposed to the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner model. Reasons include maintaining a steady metabolic rate and avoiding spikes in insulin. Both of these have positive effects on weight loss and muscle building, but this is a story for another time (or website!). With the modern busy lifestyle, most people do not have time to be eating these smaller meals all throughout the day. This is where high protein snacks come in. Making the right choices here enables those busy or on-the-move individuals to adhere to this kind of diet without going out of their way.

So we hope we have made it pretty clear why you should incorporate high protein snacks into your diet. With the right choices in your diet it becomes better for you, aids fat loss and muscle gain and supports an active lifestyle almost perfectly. Take a look around and find some high protein snacks that you love and are ideal for your lifestyle.

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High Protein Snacks For School Lunches

If you aren’t up to speed on just how beneficial protein is, read this post on high protein snacks first. So, if you’re still here, you know that protein is pretty much the most important macro nutrient for a healthy diet that will maintain muscle and aid in fat loss.

It isn’t just for adults, however. It is still vital that you give your children the protein supply they need for the growing bodies. Much of their eating will happen at school, at lunch or maybe snacking between classes. Providing them with easy to eat foods and snacks which are high in protein is actually pretty easy. Here are some ideas.

Nuts – which still high in fat, are AWESOME sources of protein and are very easy to throw in an airtight container.

Yoghurt – the kids will have to eat it at first lunch before it gets hot, but yoghurt and other dairy products are a source of protein. They also contain a lot of calcium which is especially important for growing bodies.

Eggs – a hard boiled egg either pre peeled and wrapped in cling wrap or in it’s shell is a very great healthy snack. Some stuides tried to say that eggs weren’t actually that healthy, but that resarch has since been disqualified.

Museli Bars – Some museli bars full of nuts are a good source of protein. Be sure to reaad the label as most bars are piles of carbs and fat and no more. They are also the most tasty option and you won’t see these returning home in the lunchbox. There are so many varieties so you can easily pick one your kids will gobble up.

Chicken – In sandwhiches, chicken is one of the best sources of protein you can get!

Time to pack some healthy lunches!

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