High Protein Snacks For School Lunches

If you aren’t up to speed on just how beneficial protein is, read this post on high protein snacks first. So, if you’re still here, you know that protein is pretty much the most important macro nutrient for a healthy diet that will maintain muscle and aid in fat loss.

It isn’t just for adults, however. It is still vital that you give your children the protein supply they need for the growing bodies. Much of their eating will happen at school, at lunch or maybe snacking between classes. Providing them with easy to eat foods and snacks which are high in protein is actually pretty easy. Here are some ideas.

Nuts – which still high in fat, are AWESOME sources of protein and are very easy to throw in an airtight container.

Yoghurt – the kids will have to eat it at first lunch before it gets hot, but yoghurt and other dairy products are a source of protein. They also contain a lot of calcium which is especially important for growing bodies.

Eggs – a hard boiled egg either pre peeled and wrapped in cling wrap or in it’s shell is a very great healthy snack. Some stuides tried to say that eggs weren’t actually that healthy, but that resarch has since been disqualified.

Museli Bars – Some museli bars full of nuts are a good source of protein. Be sure to reaad the label as most bars are piles of carbs and fat and no more. They are also the most tasty option and you won’t see these returning home in the lunchbox. There are so many varieties so you can easily pick one your kids will gobble up.

Chicken – In sandwhiches, chicken is one of the best sources of protein you can get!

Time to pack some healthy lunches!

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